Hot Vibe G-Spot Massager GS-035

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Do you want to have the the wildest experience in bed with your partner?Go with this 9-inch long Hot Vibe G-Spot Vibrator and enjoy every bit of your lovemaking. As it is made of fine quality silicone, it will keep the skin harmless. This would also not allow germs to transfer to one’s private parts. Apart from ensuring safety to the user,it also promises to bring one pure satisfaction. Whether it is solo, foreplay or with your partner, this trendy dildo vibrator is no doubt versatile in bringing satisfaction during all such occasions.What makes this the Hot Vibe G-Spot Massager look good is its purple colour and a unique pattern that will result in smooth clitoral stimulation. Moreover, you will be able to clean it with no difficulty.

Product: Hot Vibe G-Spot Massager

Function: Designed for clitoral stimulation in women

Size: 9 inches in length

Colour: Purple/Pink

Material: Silicone

Battery: 3 AAA batteries



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