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Low Noise Clitoral Stimulator Vibrating Panty VP-005


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How to Use


This is a unique collection of vibrator available at Teentoy. It is very easy to handle and carry and the quality of this product is no doubt awesome.


  • Simply it can be said that this vibrator looks like leaf that comes with pink colour.
  • It creates no sound while vibrating.
  • It is folded easily like the clothes.
  • A wireless remote is available with this vibrator.
  • It has 3 speeds and 7 modes.
  • It can be used till 70 minutes non-stop after full charge.

How to Use:

  1. Keep this panty vibrator inside your panti.
  2. Turn on the vibrator by pressing power mode of the vibrator.
  3. Then control the speed of the vibrator with the button of the remote.
  4. After use the product similarly it has to be turned off the power switch of the vibrator.

How to Wash:

Rinse the vibrator into cold or room temperature water.

Don’t use hot water or excessive cold water.


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