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Mini Fleshtight Masturbator Can MMT-038


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How to Use


This masturbator is like a Fleshlight Masturbator. Such men have not the budget to buy a Fleshlight or someone wants that kind of fleshlight which can be easily concealed from the other people. Mini Fleshlights are made to fulfill the demand of those men.


Mini Fleshlight is made according to same texture of a Fleshlight, but difference is between their sizes. The size of a mini fleshlight is one-fourth of the size of a fleshlight. Such men feel a problem to keep a big Fleshlight behind the other’s eyes. But a mini Fleshlight can be easily hid being small in size and also fits in a pocket.


No doubt a Mini Fleshlight is made with pure silicone. It is not ever made with other materials as the substitute of silicone.

How to use:

  • You can use it in the same way of using a Fleshlight.
  • First open the stopper.
  • Then twist the hole of the pussy and penetrate your dick inside it.
  • Get the real pleasure of fucking a sexy young lady.

How to wash:

One can properly wash this toy by getting the silicone made pussy out of its cover. It may be rinsed in the flow of the water of a tap or drowning it in normal or soap bubble water.


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