Realistic Inflatable Sex Doll 4D ILD-007


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Realistic Inflatable Sex Doll 4D Inflatable Sex Doll With Vagina Anal Sex Toy For Men.
**100% Discreet Package**

We will have a dedicated sealed bag, unmarked packaging, confidential delivery, express orders without leaving any sensitive words.
When do you need her?
1. When you are willing to improve your skills, it can be used as a trainer;
2. When your wife/girlfriend is not around, she will make you confused;
3. When your wife/girlfriend is in a physiological period, you may need her;
4.When your wife is pregnant, you need her;
5. she can also be a special gift for your close friends.
Note: The doll received, inflated 70% is enough, the heating rod is inserted into the charger to charge and heat. Take it out and put it into the anus in 3 minutes, wait for 3 minutes, take it out, put it into the egg from the anus, and turn on the egg power. If necessary, prepare your own lubricant, pay attention to maintain hygiene. And always wash with cold water. Don’t use warm water, warm water can damage the product.

Package include:
1- Sex doll
1-Charging heating rod
1-Air pump
1-Jumping egg


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