Realistic Penis with Vibrations And Real Feel Balls DV-049


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Missing your man and his asset as well? Grab hold of this artificial penis that actually looks quite real just like what you have been playing with his in bed. However, this product is quite special as it comes with a strong vibrating motor. This would let your genitals shake well and would therefore let you go orgasmic. In fact, this vibrating dildo comes with real feel balls that would surely make you feel your man’s presence in bed. With the help of a button placed at the bottom of the gadget, it can be switched on and off. Just insert two AA batteries and it would be powered like a rocket. Buy this Realistic Penis with Vibrations and Real Feel Balls online at the best price you had never thought of.

Product: Realistic Penis with Vibrations and Real Feel Balls

Material: Silicone

Colour: Skin

Battery: 2 AA


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