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Solid Silicone Real Sex Doll SRD-001

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How to Use


Who the guy doesn’t want to sleep with a sexy lady? It’s the dream of every boy to get a sexy wife or a girlfriend. Solid silicone real sex dolls are the emotion of the single boys, which is replica of an attractive dashing lady. Your partner may deny you for sex but a sex doll won’t i.e. you can sex with this doll how long you want. You can cuddle her, suck and squeeze her boobs, lick her anus or vagina, give her blowjob, and fuck her, whatever you desire. Simply it can be said that sex dolls are the adorable fetish of love and lust

Materials of the Product:

Sex dolls are made with pure silicone. Whenever you touch a sex doll, you can get the softness of a real female body. Every touching and cuddle get you feel warm.


This doll looks in such a way that she is welcoming you naked by twisting her legs. It let you feel that her vagina is opened to shallow your dick deeply. By staring hairs, eyes, boobs, nipples, vagina everything, you cannot but fall in her love.

How to Use:

  • You can begin your sex by kissing her lips, neck.
  • Then squeeze her nipples and get the original taste of a real nipple while licking or sucking.
  • Fuck her pussy, anal and feel the real softness of her genitals.
  • You can evolve doggy style sex and cowgirl sex with the doll.

How to Clean:

  • Do clean it in water of room temperature.
  • Do not use hot water to rinse it.
  • Properly wash the pussy and assholes with soap water.

Other information:

Length: 95cm
Vaginal Depth (cm): 18
Anal Depth (cm): 16
Cup Size: C
Bra Size (inches): 34


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