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Stay Hard Beaded Cockrings CR-020


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Want to stay hard and erect? Want to hold on to your passion for quite some time? Have a look at Stay Hard Beaded Cock Rings that will now let men fulfil all these needs during lust make out. As the name suggests, these look like rings that can be worn around the penis, which would gradually harden with progress in performance. With a convex structure along with beads on it, men would stay completely stimulated and yet will be able to extend ejaculation. Once the cock ring is set on the erected penis, the convex bead will cause stimulations.

Three cock rings are there in the set that come in different measurements, and, therefore, the user you may use it differently for varying pleasures. One cock ring measures 2.3cm, the other one is 2.15cm and the other is 2cm. All these rings are made of premium quality silicone that makes them extremely soft and comfortable to be worn around the penis. Even if one suffers from early ejaculation, Stay Hard Beaded Cock Rings will effectively delay’s one capacity to ooze out. These new-age cock rings are high on quality and can be easily washed in some warm water and a cleaning agent. Being absolutely affordable, Stay Hard Beaded Cock Rings can be bought online from any corner of India.


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