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Buy Hot & Luscious Silicone Breast for Sexier Appearance:

Silicone Breast
Silicone Breast

Female breasts are quite tempting and provocating for others, and also self-indulging indeed. For example, a woman who has such larger boobs is always confident with any outfit and also sometimes bragging to her peers. If we talk about queer, especially gays and transgenders, silicone breast is the most demanding sex toys to resculpt their bodies with the stance of a sexy woman. Decking up your body with silicone fake boobs is not a mess; one can easily put it in or off whenever they want.

What are Silicone Fake Breasts and Where to Shop with?

Silicone fake breasts are a product made of pure silicone to adorn your chest with fake bosoms. The men who prefer to dress up like a woman are inclined to buy silicon boobs. Visit Teentoy, India’s largest adult toys store where you can find different varieties of silicone-made fake tits of different sizes and shapes. Like female brassieres, you can also choose them from the following varieties- 32, 34, 38, (B, C, D, E, F). Digits are recommended for your chest size; Alphabets denote the cup size you wanna choose. As well as you can also assort them over multiple shapes such as round, slender, bell shape, teardrop, etc.

Different Types of Silicone-Made Breasts Tailored Your Choice:

However, we have plenty of collections of silicone-made breasts of various sizes and shapes. We have divided our plenty of silicone fake tits stock into three categories, as follows:

Silicone-Made Breasts with Strap: These silicon boobs are attractive boobs that come with a strap. It completely looks like a bra but added up with different sizes of breast cups. The speciality of this product- it can stick to your chest in such a way with strap, so no way of feeling loose.

Strapless Silicone-Made Breast: Strapless silicone-made breasts have no such difference from silicone breasts with straps except the strap; the latter one comes with a strap whereas the first one doesn’t. The benefit of using this product is- that it can reduce your effort for tying the strap, but rather it’d easily stick to your chest with glue.

Silicone Squeeze Breast: Silicone squeeze breasts are like two balls made of silicone in the shape of boobs. These products are used for both fun and making fake boobs. Regardless of LGBT people, most people gonna buy it for pranking their friends.

Importance of Silicone-made Breast in a Nutshell:

Silicon boobs is such a demanding adult product for LGBT. Many queer genders especially gay, and transgender people like to buy these products to indulge their passion for cross-dressing. Here are the basic importance of the silicone breast as follows:

  • Indulge the Fantasy of crossdressing: The men who like to dress up like a woman and implant fake tits, gotta buy silicone boobs. Crossdressing is a practice where people makeover their bodies like their opposite genders. This sex toy is a good fit to indulge your fetish.
  • Ray of Hope for Breast Surgery Female Patients: In most cases, during boob job implant surgery, the breast gets incised and the chest becomes unattractive and flattened. So, the silicone-made breast is a ray of hope for female breast cancer patients.
  • Foster the Fetish for Squeeze Play: Squeezing breasts is a common fetish both for men and women. We provide silicone squeeze breasts to have fun with ‘squeeze play’ with partner.

Silicone Made Breasts, Life-changing for Breast Cancer Female Patients:

The use of a silicone breast is not only limited to the LGBT community but even breast cancer female patients can also get a ray of hope with these products. After breast cancer surgery, in most cases, female breasts get deflated, so the chest looks flattened and unattractive as an incision is performed on the breast. Nothing can be as painful as losing breasts in a woman’s life. The breasts that used to be the main attraction of her youth are no longer a part of someone’s body- the one who has suffered the phase only can understand.

At this moment, some people may think about boobs surgery. But in the POV of breast cancer survival, whether she can cope up with physically and mentally is quite challenging. Because in breast cancer, one needs to undergo multiple surgeries until the cancer cells get removed from the breasts. So, if your doctor and your untamed instinct are okay with this, then you can go ahead with boob job surgery. When you choose silicone-made boobs, it is completely free from risks and also a good option for saving your cost. 

Shop with Us:

“Teentoy” is the largest seller of silicone breasts which can take the crossdressing of LGBT to the next level. As we discussed, we have plenty of silicon boobs of different shapes, sizes, and textures. We’re always on the top of selling high-class and branded quality LGBT sex products throughout India. While talking about the quality of our shop, we’re special from others for our unique and customer’s customer-friendly policy, fastest delivery, secure payment method, etc. Order your product from us and get the delivery within 1-2 days.