Some Indian Sculpture, The Greatest Paradigm of Sex, Sex Toys in India, Just Their Successor

Afar, in a society where the light of sex education has not yet been reached, can be illuminated with the ray of the light of sex toys in India. The battle for elimanating the darkness of the sexual matters is very old. From the ancient times the intellectuals have been propagating their opinion against the distorting mentality regarding sex in different forms such writing, poetry and sculpture. Sex toys act as the successor of the battle against the sinful expression to sexuality in a simple manner. There are so many sculptures in India that shows erotic images in ragard of intimacy, nudity and so on. These sculptures stand for the paradigm of modern sexuality and sex toys are made in the mould of the concept.

How Sex Toys, Acting as the Witness of the Erotic Historical Sculptures:

Sex toys are acting on the bias of the historical sculptures regarding liberty of sexuality. There are such temples where different vulgar sexual images are carved on describes various sex poses, sexual practices and so on and so forth. As well as the ancient Vedas, Upanishad describes modern sexuality. The “Kamasutra”, known as the bible of the sexuality, illuminates on different things in regard of sexuality and provides the proper sex education. How sex toys in India are to be related with different erotic historical sculptures in India are as follows:

Relation of Sex Toys with the Sculpture of Khajuraho Temple, Madhyapradesh: 

The climax of sex depends on the preliminary activities

On the wall of the Khajuraho temple, there are different arts about the couple’s intimacy. We can see different types of kissing scenes, arousing partners; all in one these display the foreplay. Foreplay is an important thing in conjugal sex that augment the sexual desire. It is to be evolved before the intercourse. It includes kissing, sucking boobs, pussy, dick; annilingus practice etc. Especially the adult toys in India such as vibrating panties, bullet vibrator, vibrating suckers are recommended for foreplay sex. 

Relation of Sex Toys with The Sculpture of Sun Temple, Kornark: 

Dirtiness and Vulgarity is all about making love deeper

All though, Sun Temple is one of the remarkable instances of the great sculpture; it is not free from the people’s criticism. Because, extreme vulgar sculptures are found there such as blowjob, anal sex and the other intimate scenes. Notwithstanding so many criticism, these sculpture on the temple are standing as a great paradigm of sex education on erotic sex. Different kinds of anal toys like anal beads, anal dildos and vibrators are available for anal sex. Similarly, men can use blowjob machines, masturbators in ladies’ mouth structures to indulge their desire for blowjobs.    

Relation of Sex Toys with The Sculpture on Virupaksha Temple, Karnataka: 

Liberty of sexual desire of a women

The erotic sculptures on Virupaksha temple describe a great philosophy on the plot of women’s sexual desires. Despite having much sexual desire they feel shy expressing their vulgar desire to their partner. The images illuminate the liberty of a woman for expressing her sexual desire. A dashing woman, opening her vagina with her fingers in an erotic posture is demonstrated in the sculpture. There are different solo adult toys in India such as dildos, vibrators are used to eradicate women’s high sexual incitements. 

Relation of Sex Toys with the Sculpture on Thirumayam Temple, Tamil Nadu: 

An impressive masculinity gives shelter to multiple women’s libidos

An image on the wall of the temple describes a robust virility of a man to satisfy multiple ladies at a time. A man, looking very dashing, involving sex with so many ladies by penetration, sucking boobs, inserting fingers into the pussies. Negatively, he is the symbol of the character’s looseness; positively, this sculpture can encourage a man to improve his sexuality. To develop the sexual power of the men different sex toys are suggested such as cock rings for increasing sex timing, penis enlarger for enhancing the size of penis.  In this way, sex toys are to be interelated with those historical sculpture. The aim of making those sculpture was to expedite the process educating the people in India regarding the sexual matters. Because a depicted sculpture can spread a message more expeditiously than writing. Sex toys in India act here as the application of the theory. “Teentoy” is the most popular sex toys store in India which has a lot assortment of various kinds of sex toys.

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