Desirable Magic Finger Vibrator with Suction GS-045

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Diamond Princess Vibrator (Blue) GS-028

Original price was: ₹4,799.00.Current price is: ₹4,331.00.



Diamond Queen Vibrating Dildo GS-033

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Durex S-vibe Hallucinations Climax Masturbation G Spot GS-023

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G Spot Jelly Vibrator – Tongue GS-005

Original price was: ₹5,499.00.Current price is: ₹4,701.60.
Guerlain 10 Speed G spot Massager GS-058Guerlain 10 Speed G spot Massager GS-058

Guerlain 10 Speed G spot Massager GS-058

Original price was: ₹7,599.00.Current price is: ₹5,999.00.

LILO Spark Of Love -Intimate Vibrator GS-047

Original price was: ₹8,789.00.Current price is: ₹6,995.00.

Lovey Dovey Wavy Vibe GS-042

Original price was: ₹8,999.00.Current price is: ₹7,694.00.

Lue Lue Tongue Vibrator GS-043

Original price was: ₹10,220.00.Current price is: ₹8,679.00.

Mini G-Spot Vibrator Indigo GS-050

Original price was: ₹6,879.00.Current price is: ₹4,998.00.

Trendy G-spot Female Vibrator Available at Teentoy:

Female vibrators
Female vibrators

Hi! The story you will scrutinize was circulated going before our April 2020 assessment on the G spot massager. In reality: It doesn’t exist. Learn more here.

Female vibrators all things considered fall into two characterizations: external and expected to focus in on your clit or inside and customarily promoted up to hit no doubt about it.” “Yet whether the G-spot is even certifiable is an intensely examined topic.

These days young ladies have become brilliant enough to perceive and isolate among various female vibrators. As a matter of fact different vibrator for female is utilized for invigorating explicit piece of the vagina appropriately.

These days there is a vogue of purchasing G spot massager for kneading the sweet spot region, concealed somewhere inside the vagina. By utilizing the other female vibrators young ladies can’t invigorate this region appropriately for which G spot vibrator is the most ideal choice.

Assortment of Vibrators for Massaging G-spot Available at Teentoy:

Regardless, there’s no dismissing that for specific women, internal induction feels additional extraordinary. If you’ve never viewed yourself as an entry kind of individual beforehand, luckily there are an enormous heap of toys worth difficult various things with to see whether it feels extraordinary to you. To be sure, here’s a shopping list!


The Lelo Isla is one type of G spot vibrator and the boggiest internal energy you never realized you really wanted… as of not long ago. In case the unnoticeable sensational shape didn’t yell made light of “Money” at you, the gold inset will pound it over your head. The example handle simplifies it for you or your associate to make sense of while bringing you over the edge. Besides, like each other Lelo thing, it has strong rumbly vibrations, is waterproof, and has six easy to-channel-surf settings.


Really incline toward your vibrators somewhat less… metallic? The Lelo Elise gloats various comparative components of the Isla without the gold organizing. It’s moreover altogether more noteworthy, with two motors instead of one (like the Isla). There’s one in the tip for inside satisfaction and one in the base for your clitoris. It is also waterproof and has eight settings instead of six.


This raving success G spot vibrator is one of Teentoy’s most raised assessed things. It’s so satisfactory, honestly, that it has outlasted the last Fifty Shades film is at this point taking off racks. It is waterproof and battery-fueled, has two separate motors, and has an amount of 36 potential energy mixes.

  1. G-KISS

This toy has an evened out and determined tip instead of the typical round, phallic-looking completion of various insertable energies for a REASON! A smoothed tip makes it ideal for zeroing in on different spots inside your vagina to see what feels best. Also, the wings of the butterfly go probably as extra prompting for your external parts. The one burden is that its battery worked. If you don’t have the cash resources for put assets into something like the Embrace Wand (underneath), this is an uncommon entry level spot to begin.

  1.  CURVED VIBRATOR for G-spot

This S-formed G spot vibrator for female might look undermining from the beginning, yet it’s truly arranged that course for ease of use. The more expressed the twist, the less difficult it is to shake against the front mass of your vagina for most outrageous incorporation and examination. This toy is moreover waterproof and has eight vibration modes (each with 12 custom paces of force which is unreasonably, TBH). It’s similarly got a champion among other battery-charge-to-play extents we’ve anytime seen: 80 minutes of charge nets you 80 minutes of play.


On the off chance that you’re an aficionado of attractions style vibrators that energy like someone is going down on you, the Duo is your dream thing. You’re prepared to have clitoral actuation with the imprint Womanizer Pleasure Air work and an adaptable inward part also.


A sex toy that does essentially everything for you? Sign me up. The Stronic G truly pushes in and out to feel as close to live, penetrative sex as could be anticipated. It in like manner has an evened out tip like the Teentoy G-Kiss anyway is battery-controlled and waterproof and has seven speeds and three models.


An exceptionally twisted wand with clitoral-enlivening stubs makes this toy essentially a hare ear-less G spot massager for female taking everything together the best ways. A circle on the handle makes the for the most part ergonomic toy a lot easier to grasp (or keep gripping while you’re riding your sixth peak in progression and all of your muscles will give out).


We-Vibe makes likely the rumbliest, most significant getting vibrators there. For the people who don’t worship buzzy, lighter, superficial energies, this is a brand you’ll have to stay behind from now through eternity. The Rave is similarly twisted, making shaking it back and forth inside you a breeze (with no hand cramps!).


If you at this point have a dependable wand-type female vibrator anyway need to investigate various roads in regards to internal play, there’s not a great explanation to buy an alternate toy. This silicone association goes on top of the highest point of your Le Wand and offers rumbly, coordinated inward “Sweet spot” (you parents hear what I’m talking about) induction mutual respect of your sturdy Le Wand… which you should totally at this point have now, but if you don’t, here it is again.

Why is Vibrator for G-spot Special from the Other Kinds of Vibrators?

Sweet spot has an extraordinary component like the other vibrator for female that keeps it not quite the same as different vibrators. Sweet spot is known as Grafenberg spot, arranged somewhere inside the vagina upper mass of the vagina. While involving different vibrators for female and dildos, young ladies can’t feel the appropriate sensation on their sweet spot, however they can animate that region appropriately by utilizing G spot massager.

Sweet spot is one of the touchy regions in the vaginal part. An appropriate back rub on G-spot can stir a young lady and douse her pussy with loads of cum. In any case, kneading appropriately on the sweet spot region, concealed in debt of the vagina isn’t matter joke. Sweet spot massager is an optimal contraption to give a young lady most extreme level fulfillment by invigorating the G spot pussy vibrator region quite well.