Strengthen Friction TENGA Deep Throat Oral Cup TCM-002

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TENGA Double Hole Cup Masturbator TCM-004

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Tenga Egg Wavy TCM-001

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Tenga Rolling Head Cup TCM-003

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Vulcan Wet Vagina TCM-006

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Vulcan Wet Vagina Vibrating TCM-005

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Tenga Cup Masturbator
Tenga Cup Masturbator

The current second, TENGA is a famous Japanese ruffian toy maker from one side of the planet to the other. Its smooth appearance, a sex play with no sexual impression, is a brand that draws in men as well as ladies.

Are there different individuals who have seen pointless TENGA CUP masturbator once? In like way, while utilizing it oddly, EGG type and POKET type are also inconspicuous and suggested. Here, we will uncover to you the TENGA that you don’t have even the remotest hint, like the sort and usage of TENGA.

What is TENGA?

Tenga is a Japanese brand which made the male savage toys. Tenga brands offer plans of male ruffian toys, individual oil, and different other related things. Tenga affiliation was set up on 25th March 2005. The most noteworthy mark of this affiliation is Koichi Matsumoto. The fundamental Tengacup masturbator degrade toys were totally finished seventh July 2005.

As a matter of first importance, the affiliation was named Kabushiki gaisha in any case later in the year 2006 the affiliation changes its name as Tenga Co., Ltd.( Kabushiki Gaisha Tenga). The meaning of Tenga in Japanese is “genuinely arranged and astonishing”. Tenga Co. Ltd was permitted the Red Dot Award: Product organized in the year 2012 in Germany. Tenga Co. Ltd is the essential affiliation who gets the differentiation for the male freak toys.

As you comprehend that the Tenga is the Japanese brand of the male ruffian sex toys. Tenga cup degenerate is utilized by the male partner to enable their penis during the masturbation to fulfill all their sexual necessities. Tenga cup masturbator is really like the fleshlight. Tenga cup is perhaps the most eminent and standard oddity sex toys what men utilized.

The Tenga Co. Ltd. utilized the top of the line or clinical appraisal material to make the Tenga cup so any individuals can for certain utilization it with no concern. In the market mixes of Tenga cup are accessible. The various kinds of Tenga cup masturbator give the different sensation during the masturbation. It relies on the client which sort of Tenga cup deviant they like.


Tenga cup is open in the market with four amazing tones. Red is one of them. Red hiding Tenga cup is a standard kind of debilitated individual toys. While utilizing this degenerate toys, male partner feels remarkable since its development cushion is inconceivably smooth.

It gives the touchy, velvety development. This red hiding Tenga cup masturbator extraordinarily got ready for the novice client and moderate clients. Red hiding Tenga cup is pre-lubed up. The male partner who necessities to take the experience of the Tenga cup can without an entirely amazing stretch use and handle the red hiding Tenga cup.


White hiding Tenga cup is exceptionally standard. It is a delicate kind of savage toys. While utilizing the white disguising Tenga cup client can determinedly feel significantly better. This Tenga cup gives chilling prompting and smooth sentiments. White disguising Tenga cup is incredible for individuals who like the delicate gel with a thickness.

If the male partner necessities to benefit however much as could reasonably be expected from their masturbation for quite a while then they should utilize the white hiding Tenga cup. It gives the tendency like genuine sex so by a long shot a large portion of the male gift white Tenga cup. Male extra likewise utilizes individual oil with these freak toys.


Faint covering Tenga cup is a hard sort of rascal toys. This Tenga cup gives the solid incitement and it is genuinely agreeable. Individuals who have heaps of commitment or the expert and progressed client can just utilize these savage toys. Its surface is stubs and edges and it is a pre-lubed up so client don’t have to reapply the solitary treatment.

It has a squeezed shape and air valve makes the provocative sucking sounds that duplicate oral sex. Dull hiding Tenga cup is a watchful and trivial sort misshape toy at Teentoy.


Premium sort twist toy is a boss among other quality miscreant toys. It gives the rich enlistment. It is made with the magnificent gel material.

Premium Tenga cup is pre-lubed up so the client doesn’t have to reapply the lube. Regardless, on the off chance that they need, they can point of fact apply such individual oil as per their decision. Premium Tenga cup finished is inside and it has an imperative attractions. It is clear for specific individuals to utilize it. It is a dispensable sort freak toy so the client ought to demolish it after use.


The egg Tenga cup is an unnecessarily stretchy, versatile and organized in an egg shape. Egg Tenga cup is accessible in the market with 13 stand-out surfaces or sensation. It is organized with the goal that it effectively fit all sizes because of its flexibility.

The outside plans of egg degenerate toys reflect inside subtleties. The male utilized the Tenga egg corrupt toys just a single time. So every time when a male partner necessities to feel the experience of egg Tenga cup they ought to buy the redesigned one. Egg Tenga cup is one of the most efficient ruffian toys which any individuals can undoubtedly get it.

New Standard

In the market 6 unique kinds of new standard egg tanga cup are accessible. Various kinds of new standard Tenga cup gives specific sensation during masturbation.

  • Wave ll – Wave ll is organized with the goal that it is strong and has undulating edges cover to bring wave. It in addition has vertical ribs which make a solid turn of events and gives the more amazing sensation.
  • Square molded – This egg Tenga cup gets bliss two different ways. The inverse centers give the specific sensation while working up generally.
  • Brush – This EGG is full to the edge with since a long while prior, twisted strokers that brush nearby every new development. It has a spiraling rib at the base.
  • Tarnado – This egg degenerate toy equips the turning advancement nearby the model vertical stroking.
  • Circle – This egg Tenga cup gives the solid impelling and blend impression of circle and rib.
  • Smooth ll – these egg degenerate toys gives the smooth inciting and assist the male with accomplishing the apex. It is an additional a thick egg Tenga cup.

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