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Penis Sleeves

Buy Penis Condoms, Clinically Tested from Teentoy

Penis extenders are a kind of penis extension sleeves sex toys, for the most part made of clinical polymer materials. The head part of the penis condom is all things considered solid, sensitive and flexible avail at Teentoy. The sleeve of the penis condom is typically unfilled and thickened. The outer piece of the penis condom is by and large drifting point, granular arrangement, and the base end has spikes. Planned to vivify tricky locales.

The Objectives of a Penis Condom:

Penis Sleeves
Penis Sleeves

The essential limit of the highest point of the penis condom is to cause the male with short penis to expect a section in hauling out the privates. The occupation of the thick sleeve of the penis condom prompts the male or vaginal female with more weak penis to build up the induction and expects a piece of growing the deferral. The wolf cover simultaneously rubs the unequivocally sensitive bits of the female to animate the close by nerves and achieve the inspiration driving working on the idea of sexual life.

 Penis condoms are incredibly animating in sex. It uses a super-high entertainment penis plan that pulls in women. The thick penis is fragile and adaptable, and it is more reasonable and hot. The front completion of the penis sleeve is thickened to reduce the affectability of the glens and postpone the sex time. The broad multi-layered development of the penis condoms, the course of colossal particles around the sleeve, can enough work on the contact of the internal divider; the degree of induction is sensational, astoundingly standard with women.

The Significance of a Penis Condom in the Men’s Sex Life:

The most widely recognized issue of the men is little and juvenile penis, so they can’t fulfill their ladies with their little size chicken. Here penis condoms assume a significant part to cover their little penis inside the enormous size of dick copy. In this manner a penis condom have safeguarded such countless connections and furthermore empower the virility of men. The vast majority of the men feel embarrassment because of their little penis which establishes a terrible connection in the ladies. Here penis condom goes about as the covering of penis, so your penis can comes to at the somewhere within the vagina.

Penis condoms are otherwise called penis condom all the more plainly penis molded condom. Not many individuals don’t realize that condom is contraception sexual product. Penis condoms are likewise utilized in such manner adding that this grown-up toy can give your woman an extraordinary sexual fulfillment. While utilizing ordinary condoms, you want to involve another condom for every intercourse, except in the event of penis condoms, you can utilize this single item how frequently you need to use with your accomplice.

Master Tips to Use Penis Condom:

Pick the proper penis condom.

Pick your agreeable size of penis condom. Or on the other hand, you might purchase vibrating penis condom to get and give additional joy to your own and your woman.

Clean with cleanser bubble water of ordinary temperature.

Prior to utilizing the item or after use you need to flush it into the typical temperature water. For 0% microorganism free cleaning you might utilize 75% liquor water arrangement.

Wear on the penis

While using it, mindfully empty the pack, use your fingers to crush out the air in the front pocket of the condom, wear it on the erect penis, and guarantee that the bent end is revealed.

Withdrawal following discharge, press the lower part of the condom with your hand.

After the penis is completely taken out from the vagina, dispose of it and treat it with care. [Note: If crucial, water-based oils should be used. Smooth balms (like glycerin and white petrolatum) can make the burr break. After release, the penis is at this point erect, should be pulled out by the edge of the penis extender. Do whatever it takes not to leave the penis condom in your wallet or near a glow focal point for a surprisingly long time.]

Are the Penis Condoms Disposable?

The penis extender is used once and are used commonly. The one-time use may be reasonably small, avoiding the trouble of cleaning for a very long time, and the issue of repeating microorganisms that may be sidestepped by different usages, but the nonessential penis sleeves are more wasteful. Penis condoms that are used on various events don’t have to go to the store on various events. You simply need to do a reasonable cleaning right after using them to continue using them for the accompanying time.

What is the Difference Between a Penis Condom and a Normal Condom?


The gentler condoms normally don’t approach a segment directly, yet the condom on penis is fine. It looks like a plastic shell that can be put and set up regularly. In any case, the penis condoms are not as hard to use. They are adaptable and can be easily situated on the penis.


After the man wears the penis condoms, the most quick effect is that the volume of the penis augments and gets thicker. This kind of progress isn’t simply seen by men themselves. In sex, women are similarly clear and can feel tremendous and thick. The regular condom is just a safeguard sway, and doesn’t make the male penis look created and thicker.”


Penis condoms are thicker than standard condoms, which diminishes men’s affectability in sex and constructs men’s length in sex.

Penis Condoms Can Replace Condoms

Since the front completion of the condom on penis is closed, it can thoroughly supersede the piece of the condom. Not long after release, you really want to take out the penis at the earliest chance to sidestep semen stream.

Feature of Penis Condom:

Actually penis condoms avail at Teentoy are the symphony of a dick. By using this gadget men can make up their dick size 2-3 inches extra as well as use as a condom. In case of normal condom men can use single time but while using penis condom they can use how many times they want. The special features of penis extenders are as follows:

Normal Features:

Fleshy Skins: The skins of penis condoms are looks as real as realistic dick; because these are made with pure silicones which provide you the real fleshy feeling of a realistic dick.

Solid Dickhead: Condom on penis has the solid dickhead which covers the small size dick of a man with a larger one. So by using a penis condom men can provide more sexual satisfaction to their lady.

Stretch-ability: Even the guys who have big size of dick use penis condoms like a condom. Due to being stretchable it can swallow any size of dick inside it.


Vibration:  Some penis sleeves are attached with bullet vibrators to provide a vibrating sensation on the balls, shaft and the head of the penis.

Dotted: Some penis condoms are dotted in their texture to augment the pleasure of the lady, who is fucked by it.

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