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20 Mode Vibrating Men Masturbator With Sound FM-057

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How to Use


Guys have ever gotten the relish of a real pussy or have you ever experienced of a real sex? If you don’t, then nothing else matters. Because Teentoy has brought 20 Mode Vibrating Men Masturbator With Sound which let you feel experience with a real sexual pleasure.


This fleshlight is made with pure high quality silicone which are used for breast surgery, so that you can feel the softness of a real vagina.


  • This fleshlight is look like a torch light whose both sides are started with stoppers.
  • Whenever you open the stopper of the upper portion; a beautiful and delicious vagina with a tantalizing redolent welcomes you to fuck. There are so many dots on the interior wall of the vagina to let you feel extra pleasure.
  • There is a mini vibe vibrator inside the vagina whose wire is ended to the outside of the vagina at the tail. You are also provided a remote with a couple of ports whose one port is used for connecting the vibrator with its wire and another one port is used to connect a headphone which is provided with this fleshlight.

How to Use:

  • First open the upper stopper.
  • Twist the hole of the pussy, and then penetrate your dick inside the pussy.
  • Connect the both wire of the vibrator and headphone with the remote.
  • Get extra pleasure with the vibrating sensation and control the vibrating modes by the remote.
  • The headphone is to be used to get experienced with a sexy moaning sound of a girl.
  • Get experienced with a real sex. The dotted portion of the inside vagina augment the level of your pleasure.
  • You may cum inside or outside of the pussy, but you must clean the product properly before using the next time.

How to Clean:

  • Rinse the product in water of the room temperature.
  • Before cleaning in the water get the vibrator out of the vagina.
  • Do not clean in hot water which is harmful for the silicone.

Important Notes:

  • Weight: 700 gm
  • Length: 24 cm
  • Width: 9 cm
  • Made in USA


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